Why you should use WordPress for your website

Davco Media WordPress logoWhen it comes to content management systems (CMS) I must admit I am biased. Even though there are several other alternatives out there, not least Joomla and Drupal, it’s WordPress every time for me. I love it so much I’ve built a business from WordPress training!

Why choose WordPress?

Starting with the very best is always a wise move! Before finding WordPress, I dabbled with Joomla and Drupal. I found them both to be a very steep learning curve. A learning curve too steep for me. On the other hand, WordPress was relatively easy to use right from the start.

Installing WordPress software – Let’s face it, we want as little hassle as possible. You don’t need to be a programming expert to get WordPress up and running. Installation is really easy. Providing you choose a good web hosting company (I can certainly recommend Heart Internet) the process is as easy as clicking two or three buttons.

Design – Although it is theme based, with WordPress you have plenty of design options. There are tens of thousands of themes to choose from. Many are completely free, though I tend to spend around $50 USD for each ‘Premium’ theme I use as I’m not a fan of free themes. However, lots of people are – it’s just my preference. Premium themes tend to offer much more flexibility when it comes to colours, typography, graphics and overall features.

The great thing is this huge range of themes covers all niches. If you are prepared to spend time doing some research, you should certainly find several themes suitable for your needs. I recommend taking a look at Theme Forest (where you will find the largest choice), Elegant Themes, Woo Themes, and Studio Press. A quick search on Google for ‘WordPress themes’ will bring up many, many more theme sellers.

Tools – If you are using your website for business, WordPress has plenty of tools to help you customise it. In addition to a team of core developers, WordPress has a world-wide network of independent developers creating widgets and plugins to streamline your site. At the time of writing this post there are over 20,000 of these tools available and the vast majority of them are completely free, allowing you to make improvements to your site yourself without having to commission a coder.

Community – There is a plethora of help out there. WordPress support from many sources is amazing. WordPress itself has an extensive ‘help’ section and several forums. There are hundreds of independent forums too and most premium theme developers provide top-quality support – ideal when you want to make tweaks to the look and feel of your site. Good old You Tube is a great resource for WordPress tutorials. You will also find some of my own video tutorials on the Davco Media site.

So if you decide WordPress is right for you, and you need to get to grips with everything as fast as possible, a day’s WordPress training with yours truly is a good investment too. 🙂

+Ian Davies

About Ian Davies

Ian Davies is a professional WordPress trainer who specialises in teaching complete novices and inexperienced users how to make the most of WordPress. In addition to being the founder of Davco Media, Ian is also the founder of 'Red Custard' www.redcustard.co.uk - the Milton Keynes based design agency, specialising in WordPress websites.
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